I’m Ready for Ya . . .

When very young I used to walk to the window and use that exact line to announce my presence, and after all these years, it still suits.

Now, in 2015, living out in the middle of the ocean on the small island of Kauai, Hawaii, as a poet, writer and artist, I’ve stepped into the World of Blogging. This blog happens to be all about “searching for truth’s that don’t lie,” which means –– it’s about “life.” Big deal, you might chuckle, so what else is there? Well… there is death, BUT . . .

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What’s In A Dream?

You should probably know I have this obsession about the realm of Dream. It all began a lot of years ago when I had a nightmare that unfolded as my reality 12 hours later. The dream and awakened experience were so equally profound that I wrote a book about it, “Destiny’s Moment of Forever”. The events led me on a lifetime quest to determine the difference between dream and reality.

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